The supplier supported the TDI market in December to sort up

According to the bulk list data of business cooperatives, the domestic TDI price trend fell first and then rose in December. At the beginning of the month, the average TDI market price was 17300.00 yuan/ton, and at the end of the month, the price was 18733.33 yuan/ton. The monthly increase was more than 1400 yuan/ton, with an overall increase of 8.29%.


Sulfamic acid 

At the beginning of the month, the TDI market was weak, mainly because the market inquiry atmosphere was light, the market turnover was cold, and the trade market mentality was weak. The cargo holders gave up profits to negotiate shipment, and the market focus moved down. After December 7, the supplier’s information was released, the BASF TDI device in Shanghai was temporarily stopped, and Shanghai Covestro TDI continued to supply in limited quantities. At the same time, it was rumored that Covestro TDI devices might have maintenance plans in January. With all kinds of information, the trade market had a strong bullish atmosphere, and the spot filling in the market was slow. The traders were obviously reluctant to sell, and the TDI offer continued to rise.


The upstream toluene market is weak and downward, with the price at the end of the month at 5920 yuan/ton, 860 yuan/ton lower than the price at the beginning of the month at 6780 yuan/ton, representing an overall decline of 12.68%. The trend of crude oil on the cost side of toluene rose, the raw material support was fair, but the demand side procurement was sluggish, the trading atmosphere was weak, the toluene market was limited, the traders were bearish, and the trend of toluene market continued to decline.


According to the TDI data analyst of the business agency, the TDI market is slowly filled with spot goods, the supplier supports well, the market is bullish, the trade market offer is firm, and the focus of market trading and investment is strong. Although the downstream demand is weak, and the market entry just needs to follow up, the leading position of the supplier is obvious at present. It is expected that the TDI will be stronger in the later stage, and the price range will fluctuate. Pay more attention to the downstream follow-up.