The price trend of cryolite in May is on the sidelines

According to the commodity market analysis system of Business Society, the price of cryolite remained stable in May. As of May 31st, the average market price in Henan Province was 7550 yuan/ton, which remained stable compared to the price of 7550 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month, and remained unchanged compared to the previous month.


In May, the domestic ice crystal market was in a wait-and-see operation, with major ice crystal enterprises showing significant stability in their quotations and minor fluctuations. In May, raw material prices continued to rise strongly, putting continuous cost pressure on the ice crystal market. Most ice crystal enterprises have firm and stable quotations, while some enterprises are affected by costs and manufacturers are under production pressure, resulting in an increase in ice crystal prices. Although upstream prices continue to rise, due to strong resistance towards high priced ice crystals and limited market trading, downstream enthusiasm for entering the market is not high, and insufficient demand suppresses the rise in ice crystal prices. Therefore, most ice crystal manufacturers remain stable in their quotations despite strong raw material prices.


The upstream fluorite market continued to rise in May. As of May 31st, the average price of fluorite was 3806.25 yuan/ton, an increase of 3.57% compared to the beginning of the month price of 3675.00 yuan/ton. The game situation in the domestic fluorite industry still exists, with upstream mining being tight and backward mines continuing to be phased out. In terms of adding new mines, mineral investigation work remains difficult. In addition, recent national departments have issued price inquiries to rectify fluorite mines, which has restricted fluorite enterprises from starting production. The supply of goods on site is tight, and fluorite prices continue to rise.


Market forecast: The price of ice crystal raw materials will continue to remain strong, and ice crystal production will be under pressure, with good support for raw materials; Downstream resistance is strong, demand for purchasing is light, and ice crystal enterprises have poor shipments; The supply-demand game on the market is obvious, and the rise of ice crystals is weak. It is expected that the ice crystal market will remain stagnant in the later stage, and prices may rise slightly. In the future, attention will be paid to upstream price changes and downstream follow-up.