Narrow rise in plasticizer market in May

The plasticizer sector continued to rise slightly in May


According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Shengyishe, the plasticizer sector reached 816 points on June 3rd, an increase of 3 points from the previous trading day, and an increase of 33 points or 4.21% from the plasticizer sector index of 783 points on May 1st. The plasticizer sector index slightly increased in May, and the plasticizer sector index continued to rise.


According to the commodity market analysis system of Shengyishe, the plasticizer sector saw a full increase in products in May, with a significant increase in the upstream of the main plasticizer sector and a slight increase in plasticizer products; The market for plasticizers has risen.


May saw a slight increase in plasticizer products


According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, the increase in plasticizer products narrowed in May. As of May 31st, the price of DOP was 10112.50 yuan/ton, an increase of 3.32% compared to the price of 9787.50 yuan/ton on May 1st; On May 31st, the price of DOTP was 10137.50 yuan/ton, an increase of 2.53% compared to the price of 9887.50 yuan/ton on May 1st; On May 31st, the DBP price was 9533.33 yuan/ton, an increase of 2.10% compared to the DBP price of 9337.50 yuan/ton on May 1st. Plasticizer enterprises operate at a high operating rate and have sufficient supply. The main raw material prices have risen, supported by the cost of plasticizer raw materials, and the prices of plasticizer products have continued to rise. With the stimulation of macroeconomic policies, the demand for plasticizers has rebounded, and the price increase of plasticizers in May has provided significant support.


The price of isooctanol fluctuated and rose in May


According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Shengyishe, as of May 31st, the quotation for isooctanol was 9900 yuan/ton, a fluctuating increase of 2.48% compared to the quotation of 9660 yuan/ton on May 1st. In May, the price of isooctanol was at the bottom of the market, and there was limited room for its decline. Since the domestic isooctanol market hit bottom in mid April, the price center of isooctanol has slowly shifted upwards. From the demand side, the rotating maintenance of downstream plasticizers and isooctyl acrylate units in May resulted in low continuity of buying, and the fluctuation range of isooctyl alcohol narrowed. The market for isooctanol lacks continuous upward momentum, and the price of isooctanol has fluctuated slightly.

The price of n-butanol fluctuated and rose in May


According to the analysis system of n-butanol commodity market by Business Society, as of May 31, the quoted price of n-butanol was 8366.67 yuan/ton, an increase of 6.81% compared to the price of n-butanol on May 1, which was 7833.33 yuan/ton. The supply and demand of n-butanol are weak, and the overall market is operating quietly. In the first and second half of the year, some downstream small areas require replenishment, and the focus of the n-butanol market is slightly upward. The overall production capacity utilization rate of n-butanol has not changed much, the overall market supply is stable, the trading atmosphere in the n-butanol market is average, the main factories of n-butanol have stable shipments, downstream demand for n-butanol has rebounded, and the price of n-butanol has fluctuated and risen.


The price of phthalic anhydride fluctuated and rose in May

According to the market analysis system for phthalic anhydride products by Business Society, as of May 31, the quoted price of phthalic anhydride was 8187.50 yuan/ton, an increase of 6.06% compared to the price of phthalic anhydride on May 1, which was 7720 yuan/ton. The price of raw material ortho benzene has increased, and the cost of phthalic anhydride has increased; In the middle and late stages, the phthalic anhydride unit underwent centralized maintenance, and its daily production capacity utilization rate has dropped to 59%. The supply of phthalic anhydride has decreased, supporting the rise in phthalic anhydride prices, and the cost line of plasticizers has slightly increased.


In May, the PTA price of raw materials first fell and then rose


According to the PTA commodity market analysis system of Shengyishe, as of May 31st, the PTA quotation was 6010 yuan/ton, which decreased and then increased compared to the PTA price of 5940.50 yuan/ton on May 1st, with an increase of 1.17%; The PTA price fluctuated and increased by 3.55% compared to 5804 yuan/ton on May 14th. PTA manufacturers have frequent maintenance, resulting in a decrease in PTA supply; The release of raw materials has led to a high number of short stops by PX manufacturers in the international market, resulting in a tight supply of PX and significant support for rising raw material prices, PTA costs, and PTA prices.


Expected decrease in downstream demand


Due to the increase in planned maintenance enterprises, PVC production has decreased. The operating rate of downstream product enterprises is around 50%, a decrease compared to the previous month and the same period last year. Short term fundamental supply has decreased due to maintenance, and domestic and international demand has remained weak, especially in the export market. The difficulty of accepting orders has increased, resulting in weak supply and demand in the PVC market; In the medium to long term, policy incentives in the PVC market to reduce inventory and quantify inventory are difficult to bring benefits to new construction projects. Real estate has boosted demand in the building materials market, and spot fundamentals are cautious and cautious. There is not much planned maintenance in June, and new production capacity is planned to be put into operation, resulting in increased supply and poor demand performance, which has a certain drag on the market. The supply and demand in foreign markets are weak due to maintenance and off-season constraints. Overall, the supply and demand of PVC and downstream markets are weak, and the support for plasticizer demand remains weak.


Future expectations


Business Society plasticizer product data analysts believe that in May, plasticizer manufacturers saw a decrease in production, with upstream isooctanol manufacturers and downstream PVC product enterprises experiencing varying degrees of maintenance and production decline. The overall supply of plasticizers is tight; Downstream production has decreased, and downstream demand for plasticizers is expected to decrease. In the future, with the completion of enterprise maintenance and the double increase of supply and demand, the supply of plasticizers is sufficient and the demand is recovering; The rise in raw material prices has slowed down, and the support for the increase in plasticizer costs has weakened; Downstream demand support is increasing, and prices in the plasticizer sector will consolidate strongly in the future.