Crude Benzene Market Price Rising this Week (4.8-4.12)

Price trends:

2. Market analysis:


Domestic market: This week, domestic crude benzol market prices rose, the mainstream quotation at 3200-3600 yuan/ton, up about 300 yuan/ton. As of Friday, the ex-factory price of crude benzene in Shandong was around 3500 yuan/ton. Negotiations are general and deals are limited. In terms of market, Shandong Province has 3500-3520 yuan/ton and Shanxi Province 3250-3380 yuan/ton.

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Industry chain: pure benzene aspect this week’s oil benzene market as a whole horizontal consolidation. In the domestic market, inventory declines slowly, and some reservoirs are still full of tanks. Since Wednesday, domestic pure benzene prices have been rising, Sinopec Group’s pure benzene price has been raised by about 100 yuan/ton, Sinopec Group’s pure benzene price has been raised by about 150 yuan/ton, and Korea’s pure benzene reference price has risen by about 10 dollars/ton, and the import reference price in East China has been basically stable. Hydrobenzene: The market price of hydrobenzene rose this week. As of April 12, Shandong mainstream quotation ranged from 4150 to 4250 yuan/ton, while East China mainstream quotation ranged from 4350 to 4450 yuan/ton. Hydrobenzene is depressed by the rising price of crude benzene, the cost pressure increases, the pressure of shipment of hydrobenzene enterprises increases, and the turnover is limited.

3. Trend forecast:

In recent days, there has been no significant improvement in downstream demand, crude benzene short-term forecast is mainly small consolidation.

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